Sunday, May 29, 2011

We're All Wierd Alliterations

1+1=3 (hint: lowdown's in the highlights)

hilariously haphazard existential expressions
chaotically calculated cosmicomic caricaturizations
ambiguously intentional amen-able impressions

stubbornly stifling irksome irrationalities
obstinate obfuscating onerous orchestrations
dogmatically dodgy corpulent corporealities

drooling drama queens deifying despots
salivating selfcelebrated serial-lie-zations
zigzagging zygotes, beatifying zealots

adverse fabricators, fantasy addicted
hallucinating habituated deharmonizations
fabulist affinities, faithfully afflicted

me my mine mimes
egocentric equivocations
wrongly righteous torturing time
trifling tribal transubstantiations
intellectual inbreds, crowning crimes
neurotic narcissistic narco-nations
coercive collectives of sliceable slime

with formal rules we formulate
affixing acculturated affectations
with willing walls we insulate

quivering liars, quantitatively cleaving
palpitating polarizing prestidigitations
differentiating oscillators, differences weaving

organic calculators, organized callosums
quantifying quantum quantifications
chattering fluky flotsam and checksum

pulpous wiggling wobbling peeps
gelatinous gesticulating generations
squishy squashy shopping sheep

waterfilled windbags winding our watches
lubricated literalizing de-lineations
semisentient saltwater sipping our scotches

hiding each and every, heaven and hell
mesmerized masturbating manifestations
pretending cells, playing with our self

DNA downloads, indecently descended
randomized recombinant recreations
hidden truths, highly apprehended

trapped in our bodies, un-truly bound
insane invertebrate incarnations
un-real reality's reasoning unwound

fucking for fun, farting for free
vulgarized vibrating visitations
methane miracles, a jizm jamboree

relatively complex relativity compelled
urinating ululating undulations
shiv'ring persistent patterns, energy shells

loopy loaded logic lobules
fascinated fragmentations
monomaniacal motivated molecules

hopeful, shovelin' holy shit
defecating decorations
sanctifyin' where we sit

undetected underwritten explanations
we're all wierd, all iterations
writing rhymes betwixt and between


Monday, May 2, 2011


like me.

Tonite, look at the stars
and know
what a very very small part
of all of existence
over all of time
you are.

Our problem is,
our egos
are much larger than we are,
which keeps us small.

Our self identities,
so narrow and defined,
hilarious dark irony
apparently designed
to identify our self,
ass centered just inside,
bound in fearful illusion
and blind with pride,
assuming disconnections
where only connection resides.
Even disconnection
is connection's other side.

There is no part
nor non-part,
that is not part of everything.
We are parts that can know,
and not know,
2b something
is 2b all

we can be.

See the stars,
be the stars
just keep being an asshole
like me,