Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Determinism Prism

So long as you're determined
to accept determinism,
it's easy to be free
of your self
made nimble prison.
To begin
to knit together
original schism,
crazy lazy gaze
through existence
as a prism.

a drift on faith

Religious faith is a raft 
          that floats 
upon the fear fogged ocean 
      of uncertainty. 

To get to shore, 
one must eventually 
                                step off the raft, 
for the raft
is not the shore
               that the ocean 
is an illusion, 
as is the shore, 
and the need for a raft.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

How To Succeed At Losing

Don't misunderstand existence 
as just success or failure,
as winning or losing, 
as this or that or the other.

Be existence, 
for we are it and it is us. 
Winning/losing is merely existence 
dancing with itself 
within itself 
within ourself.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Facing the Facets

When I look into your eyes,
I think I think I see,
through the characters
we're playing,
me looking back at me.

Facets of existence,
face-ing one another.
You're my father,
You're my mother,
You're my sister,
You're my brother,
Enemy friend lover
- any other.

Concurrent sentences,
consecutively serving.
Sentient cell mates,
thrilling and unnerving.

Separate'd delusions,
look in look out.
Reasoning solutions,
no faith no doubt.

As I do unto you,
I do unto myself.
Peaceful, flying together,
or piecemeal in hell.

There's no alone
at one with all,
big and small.
Connection all around,
Water sky and ground.

Melt into the universe;
Come out of your shell-hell.
He, she, he-she, she-he,
Love is e-z peasy,
being me being you
being me-zy.

When you look into my eyes,
I hope you see the same.
Love me as you love yourself,
...being moth,
...being flame.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

What The Fuck

We love to fuck, breed breed breed
slaves to instinct, spread that seed
got more peeps than we'll ever need.
Eating our own tail, planetary weeds.
What the fuck, let's try our luck.

Our desparate distractions, hedonist creeds
satyr-ical nymphs, off the cliff full speed
I'ma gettin' Armageddon
are you gettin' fun's a settin'?
What the fuck, let's try our luck.

Poisoning the water, acid in the air
mutating viruses, really on a tear.
selfish rich gluttons, politicians stuck
Ain't enuf care, no spare planet to wear.
It's OK kids, it won't suck.
What the fuck, let's try our luck.

Our cosmic hammer's on it's way
to burn intern us back to muck.
Piss on each other, prey n'pray,
What the fuck, let's try our luck.

Dinosaurs had asteriod's burning ashy hell
We're much smarter, do ourselves
headcheesed hemorhoids on the shelf,
Torah Koran Bible bombs big bucks.
What the what the fuck, let's try our luck.

Genes, dreams, Who's drivin' this truck?
Competition, status, make a buck?
Or river of flesh, flowing in sinc.
Intellect, instinct, extant, extinct,
What the fuck, gotta wise up.

We are the keys the lock,
separation ideologies,
self cock-block.
What the fuck, gotta wise up.

Irrational foundations,
faith dumbstruck,
What the fuck, gotta wise up.

We await our own arrival
We can own our own survival.
What the
what the
what the
what the
what the
what the fuck?
gotta gotta
gotta gotta
gotta wake up.


Studi O'Actor's - The Inside

Just-rented corporeal mud
in this life to be 2b.
Antediluvial spawn,
divergent by degrees.

Hot blooded flashy floods,
flesh-imprisoned feelin' free.
Evicted Aboriginal
out the fuckin' family tree.

My buds boost the meth-thud,
Adler-addled alterego'd jamboree.
Meisner-misered goodly knights,
self-incarcerating me-emcees.

Clift, Monroe, Pacino, Dean,
father, mother, sister, brother.
Newman, Fonda, Hoffman, De Niro'
misconnect-connecting self as other.

Actresses from Beirut.
erotic passion's gold mimers.
Johnny Wadd, Ramses II,
Fuckin' roles of lifetimers.

Actors acting as actors,
lying layers,
selfish self deceptions.
Factors factoring factors,
missing truth in misconceptions.

"As if" illusive personalities,
given surreal scenes,
circum-stance truth,
substitute memories.

Meta-for-us Method-ology
Actor's, studious, shadow.
Metaphysic memories,
micros mimic macro.

Embedded in each life threaded,
locked mystery's skeleton key.
Faint vestigial awareness,
ethereal detainees.

Anima animus animals affecting emotion,
Original Imagination's whispering ocean.
Archetypal memories, indwelling upwelling,
tidal title currents, swelling, compelling.

Born for this role,
in so deep I cannot see.
Addicted to this character,
Strasberg's got nuttin' on me.


Sole Solo Soul Sold

mortal matters: who am I?
egocentric craves extension
bye (every1), bi buy
spirit/soul: save'me' invention

"when my body goes to mold"
despair-ation be controlled
sole solo soul sold

"pleas god please god i will serve
my conscious patterns 2 preserve
don't forget
my memories
please god me god hear my pleas"

"keep me playing me/my role"
be forever holey goal
sole solo soul sold

goin' onces
goin' goin' twice
goodbad blow'n dunces
spew {good god ;} advice

"to be with god: god 2 b tolled"
sole solo soul sold

fear and pray
wish and pay
heaven hellin'
we they sellin'

"live forever never old
or freeze in fire burning cold"
sole solo soul sold

proficient prophets profit shall
racket'ring rabbbid irrationale:
"rest in faith misunderstanding
look no deeper god's demanding"

"wea've words of old"
fore blood and gold
sole solo soul sold

"fell from grace, all b sinners
no know, no-knows...or chicken dinners"
egos disparate by bi buy design
self sepa-rated by bi space buy bye time

"look out, don't look - stay in the fold"
sole solo soul sold

just 1
behind yore curtain
2 see the disconnect connection
to-be-2 to-be-too
misdirect funhouse'd our reflection

many 1's illusion's hold
One's All-usions hidden bold
sole solo soul sold


Rapeture Us

"c'mon rapeture lift me up
to the sky thru this guy"
"c'mon rapeture hurry up"
pray 'n cry don' wanna die

bill u thrill u 2 yore death
suck suckers money ev'ry breath
"c'mon rapeture lift me up
to the sky thru this guy"

oblivion fearing realing pain
2 hot 2 handle freeze yer brain
"c'mon rapeture hurry up"
pray 'n cry don' wanna die

old cold comfort keeps you warm
doubt cloud minded sieze no smarm
"c'mon rapeture lift me up
to the sky thru this guy"

miss-tea denseness mis-insulates
twisty fences dis-integrate
"c'mon rapeture hurry up"
pray 'n cry don' wanna die

fall in 2 false bliss abyss
rationale warnings 2 dismiss
"c'mon rapeture lift me up
to the sky thru this guy"

long story short changin' chumps
bi crazed derangin' money pumps
"c'mon rapeture hurry up"
pray 'n cry don' wanna die

standing ducklings in a row
ducking standard reason blow
"c'mon rapeture lift me up
to the sky thru this guy"

funda-mentals needin' paddlin'
quackin' crap yer brains be addlin'
"c'mon rapeture hurry up"
pray 'n cry don' wanna die

spell it out no need b dense
2 scared 2 think u all pretense
"c'mon rapeture lift me up
to the sky thru this guy"

if you see k why oh u
old dead 'i'dees fuck us 2
rip 'me' up
2 let die, thru with di

steal sow reap on pushin'
yer chicken brains gone crappin'
real flow keeps on flowooshin'
no-ballz-on-peckers bitchin' slappin'

"c'mon rapeture lift me up
to the sky thru this guy"
rapture - hurry up
'fore you kill us all, kill 'I'

brave scared-lazy-crazy, try again
drop instinctin' thinkin' like monkeys men
rip 'me' up
2 let die, thru with di

you's your minds most fearless features
reason bind false preacher creatures
rapture - hurry up
'fore you kill us all, kill 'I'

b 1 2 own your rapture
strip out scripture crapture
rip 'me' up
2 let die, thru with di

see past u/i, get high
know now forever never dies
rapture - hurry up
'fore you kill us all, kill 'I'

rip 'me' up!!!
2 let die, b thru with di.
rapture!!hurry up!!!
'fore you kill us all, kill 'I'...


Prey 2 Bangers


Dildos keep on preaching.
Faith is the price of fear,
truth not what you wanna hear.


Holy pro's keep on leaching.
Fucked up priests extort the sheeple,
sit in church, on my steeple.


Jesus' ho's keep on teaching.
Born in servitude's traditions,
dead dude's wives on mythic missions.


Reason's foes keep on reaching.
Terrified, fools consort,
rationality twists, turns, aborts.


No know's keep on screeching.
Ignoramus experts pontificate,
jump! afore its too late.


Dualist bullshit I'm impeaching.
Not so afraid of being dead
ta dumbfuck myself in the head.


If enough of us believe, then it must be true.

One And/Into Many

One God many souls
Live to death
ev'ry breath
hope for more
keeping score


One Soul into many
Infuses all
big e small
emcee squared
oblivion dared


One God many souls
God so high above
man so far b'lows
ununconditional love
sinners penance owe


One Soul into many
in and out I flow
illusion/real uncanny
watching out-in-up-below


One God many souls
"Feel My Wrath"
fear holy holes


One Soul into many
playing all the roles


No Me

Yaa you no my name,
said no no no no
rite right up til I came.
Where th'ell gonna go go?
All ya's end up all the same.

Believin' hard in faith'n
freely will-y won't.
Self undetermine fate 'n satan
due undo death undon't.

I'm 'round ev'ry corner
I b creepin' up fast
blind date with a coroner
had ta know ya wouldn't last

so many did ya knew
fathers, mothers, famous, friends
seen their time come due
don't head in sand up 2 yer end

Should/shoulda got to know me.
way 2 know:
u no your self.
Own your understanding:
no get it off the shelf.

Be part of eternal,
absorbed expunged
no in no out.
No o/x; in-turn-all...
in truth be plunged
no faith no doubt.

Reaper spring!!!roll each role,
steer see-er scene scenery
Piling stole'n bleach-ed souls
meaner means means 'me'nery

Life's lives ill usin'
Death's deaths illusion.
Selfish selves confusin'
all All's allusions.

Live to meet me,
2 b/not-b.
Only way 2 see:
not see

Laugh, no need 2 cry;
just spit wee in u "i".
See me be me
he/she {he he ;}
forever/never die.

Die "i",
kill Death.
Suspect - evr'y breath.
Livin' "i" is dead.
Get u out yer head.

Kill my 'self'
kill Death
2b MySelf
I'm Death


Differential Tooled 2 1

You, me
they, we
all one.

Rich ol cracker
African bitch,
all one.

Muslim, Jew
bibler, witch
just unjust,
all one.

River of flesh
running through time,
dust to dust,
all one.

Politician, preacher
lying crying,
rusty pus,
all one.

Forest, trees
differential seize,
differential tools,
differential tease,
differential fools,
differentials see
Tree tree tree tree tree tree tree,
all one.

Be you, lonely only you,
Suffer, die,
wonder why.
Be we, be it, every who,
laugh, cry,
All one.

God is good, God is great.
Man's the child, separate.
Say tool fooled different-iates.
See the tool, don't be a fool,
You, me, God,
all one.

Be self and other,
Kill, starve, hate.
Or one and all,
live and love
ego in its place,
all one.

Truth is hidden
all 'round,
in the air, the ground,
the sight, the sound.
All one.

What is our identity?
Are we me me me me me me me?
Or are you me,
and am I you,
and we are it,
all one.


Friday, March 9, 2012


We're animals,
that's the starting place.
This you can't deny,
You're just lying to your face.

Walking in circles
in the forest of your mind.
Can't know where to go
if you're blind to what's behind.

Mere animals,
much like all the rest.
Pissing, shitting, everyone,
put it to the test.

Adrift on cosmic seas
lost among the stars.
Can't know where to be
if you won't know what you are.

Queer animals,
anciently linked.
Greedy fearful gluttons,
shamed by instinct.

Distilled by deadly struggle
survivors rising from our knees
you can't drive the car
if you throw away the keys.

Weird animals,
in sane insane.
blessedly cursed wit'
hypertrophic brains.

Clever, not too smart,
inventing ways to kill.
Pain and suffering arts,
refined since we had gills.

Sheer animals,
intelligence and pride.
take away 2 pounds of sponge,
lizards deep inside.

Confusing our behavior,
fabricating gods and deeevils.
ignorants ignore origins,
preaching goods and eeevils.

Clear animals,
hidden motivations.
Dysfunctionally functioning,
lost in affectations.

In thrall to man manner mannerisms,
Praising protocol.
Egotistic tribal nepotism,
instincts one and all.

Hear animals,
know from whence you came.
Don't be cartoon caricatures,
flat, imprisoned in your frames.

Players who know their instruments
make the sweetest sounds.
maybe we can orchestrate
less painful ways to be skinbound.

Dear animals,
be all you can be.
accept just what you are,
the truth will set you free.


Gnuckle Dragon

whatcha conservin', conservatater?
old days old ways, old brain'd change hater

we evolvin', u b laggin'
past time, slay yer gnuckle dragon

jus jam them digits in the ground
try drag us back jus slow us down

misinformatin' curtain's saggin'
chop it drop it, slay yer gnuckle dragon

fear death pain'n hatin'
big daddy god creatin'

dually xtians, muzzies, jews, pagans
passed prime 2 slay yer gnuckle dragon

we made in his own image, see
(try'n to/not say, looks like me)

egocentric monkey braggin'
outgrow u, slay yer gnuckle dragon

control your women, grow your tribe
hymen hymn'n, heavens bribe

hey seed'n breed'n slavers, no more lady hag'n
pitiless pious cavemen, slay yer gnuckle dragon

sad funny thing, beast inside
make u crazy b'lieve'n any damn lie

ain't god u hear on yer shoulder naggin'
dusty savage echoes, slay yer gnuckle dragon

proud primal instinct lies drive/derive
extinctin' cancer coding, survival overthrive

fight logic flight, yer testosterone b ragin'
horny headed one-eyed sight, slay yer gnuckle dragon

primordial'y program'd sad ironic humor
spongy winning edge over lizard brain tumor

ungodly misbelievers untruths on b gaggin'
think away dead dread despair, slay yer gnuckle dragon

overactive amygdala's make ya all hormonal
kept yer genes safe this long, now ya asynchronal

drunk on fear, fall off the crazy wagon
punk'd volunteer, slay yer gnuckle dragon

put down that oxycontin Rush 'n take some oxytocin
fuck yer irrationaliz'n overreact'n apprehense'n overdose'n

plug yer 'fraidy hole 'n stop rightwing wrongraggin'
blowhard breathin' liar fire, slay yer gnuckle dragon

we tryin' ta get busy 'n yer the head ache
wind'n faith blind'n fact grind'n snaky fake

lord's ridin' serfs, broke wave u flaggin'
trickle down piss trick, slay yer gnuckle dragon

grab u balls see truth, bible koran torah taggin'
truth yer paintin' 'taints, dicks, slay yer gnuckle dragon

u me god we conversatin'
what is
how to
play the game debatin'
yer part's obstinate obstupificatin'
'bout heaven hell'n angels satan

u the dragon u b ridin', ugly dead-head-baggin'
inside insight u b fightin', slay yer gnuckle dragon

some we pullin' from the other side
takes 1 2 no the game enjoy the ride

why keep on hidin' ziggin' zaggin'?
time's truth'll slay yer gnuckle dragon


Saturday, February 18, 2012

InSiDe OuT

timeless immortal
never born to die

great for you
sucks for me
the others too
hear our plea

we out
let us in
please forgive our sin

know no fear
feel no pain
shed no tears
shits mundane

sex, drugs, rock n roll
lose our little selves
prison prism
pay the toll
peakin' in burns the soul

we out
let us in
please forgive our sin

space time be your bitch
oblivion don't exist
we live 2 die to scratch your itch
play us slay us grist

we out
let us in
please forgive our sin

countless crew this cruel crude ship
some thin sum things something hide
round and round this mobius trip
god godda get ta the other side

flip the coin dog
wag your tailgod
skip the groin fog
snagged yer veil fraud

one many must become
to know the great divide
rock sun pond scum
lonely egos
blinding pride

doggdamn god near 'bout
godda turn yerself
burn yerself
InSiDe OuT

u out u in
please forgive u sin

all the same
sane insane
play the game
death be slain

If ya can't
get in
get the insight
no lose
no win
no faith
no doubt
InSiDe OuT


fuCK faith, FUckface

no not a lispy typo title
yer faith'n fucks our fates
see red yer rites on first recital
fuCK faith, FUckface

throw away all reason
give in to the fear
panic choice early season
time ta put it inya rear

Aint jus' gonna letchya
fuckup dis whole dam place
truth it's gonna getchya
fuCK faith, FUckface

no argue'n no question
just put those blinders on
susceptible suggestion'd
so scared yore minds 'r gone

"no proof required"
rotten at the base
old stale expired
fuCK faith, FUckface

cain't really blame the 'cestors
survivin' hard enuf
mortality wounded festered
every role a snuff

didn' know shit
back in the days
fuck'n deal'd widdit
any witchy ways
know'n now, no shit.
fuCK faith, FUckfayce

pray'n 'way your sin
hide'n god 'way within
ok 2 prey upon your kin
crawl'n back the way u bin

no, proof required
gotta knew clue ace
knowin' hard aquired
fuCK faith, FUckface

desprit ta rapture out
not up fer tryin dyin
pinch yer head, crush yer doubt
"save me lord"
always cryin

yer lackin brainy balls
yer HEad's a nut case
jealous vengeful
fuCK yer faith, FUckface

just a buncha pussies
2 scared 2 dumb 2 think
tablets burnin' bushies
tro' in the kitchen sink

'no proof - required'
whatchyer signs say see
dat ole shit b tired
fuCKy faithy, FUckfacey

won't excuse yer stoopid
believin hate is love
yer flyin baby Cupid
b cryin up above

time now to do better
raise the human race
lay down yer ol' sun-setter
fuCK ya faith, FUckface

truth is all around us
not just shinin' down
tradition ignorants lust
ev'ry ego wears the crown

irrational retire
grow up,
mature with grace
know your self desires
fuCK faith, FUckface

many ways to get there
some circle past, waiting
few straight to it knowhere
way(ding!) masters baiting

everything embrace
no inner/outer space
dividing lines erase
vanish 'ppearances w'out a trace

fuCK yer stupid-hazy
fakey not-me-fazin faith

FUcKKKface ;}


d OG Bucket List

check off, check out
experience every life
iterating certain doubt
inner piecing outer strife

chasin' thrills n' chills
runnin' out the clock
sex n' booze n' pills
run don't walk 'round the block

waste no time contemplatin'
might miss some adventure
more livin' lovin' death be hatin'
bucket bound peaks serf indentured

frantic antics recreatin'
creations variations
straight up list tabulatin'
existence be vacation

see hear taste smell feel
pain (it's-own/worth-the) pleasure
real unreal unreel the wheel
divinely worthless greasy treasure

A Maze in Grays

I'm the player I'm the game
a puzzle of a maze
the goner wents time came
perverter of my gaze

lost in others searching
I you slice and dice
dice and slice
heretics loving churching
"that shits fire"
"this is nice"

science philosophy geeks
a-mazed puzzled hiders seek
unveiling convergent integrations
razing ill-usurious differentiation

true believers worship truth
holey pieces
wholly point
da holy way
parts the same:faith uncouth
no separate shades of
shades of

It being me being you
(us we this)*(that they them)
lazy crazy things did/do
2 tear oneself
ape heart again

a maze in grays, how weedy this game
i u we b they...
Every difference all the same
our self
we play


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Antonymically Correct

(Semenal Lines 4 Binarian Mind's)

Me not me not
Live die live die
cold hot cold hot
laugh cry laugh cry

in out in out
shallow deep
certain doubt
waking sleep
profane devout
too loose to keep

sheeple preacher
pure taint
pupil teacher
is aint

God man god man
Wrong right wrong right
Chaos plan chaos plan
dark light dark light

heaven hell heaven hell
ascend descend
buy sell buy sell
ass-end up-end

ugly pretty ugly pretty
odd even odd even
sadistic pity sadistic pity
know believin' know believin'

merciful damnation
dinghy ark dinghy ark
original imitation
lite dark lite dark

me you me you
yours mine yours mine
win lose win lose
cruel kind cruel kind

hers his hers his
sickness health
aint is aint is
poverty wealth

yes no cum go ebb flow
demanded supplied
friend foe virgin ho
de-manned butch-ified
rich po reaping sow

us them us them
ours theirs ours theirs
brain stem brain stem
dirt-poor billionaires

ideal real-politik
war peace war peace
priv-ate pubelick
hold release hold release

pawn king
infinity zero
right left wing
chickenhawk hero
...ghayter queero
...falafel gyro

vice virtue
take give
many few
die live

less more less more
master bait master bait
peace war peace war
love hate love hate
destroy create
freewilly fate

remember forget
Archangel Spawn
blond brunette
Greenpeace Exon
Palin vette
(egg sperm dumb smart full term stone heart)
ZOMG yawn
Einstein cadet
dusk dawn
hot rage cold sweat
old guard Uternuts nard
sober stoned original clone
Shi Tzu Saint Bernard
cherry boned cherry boned

villain hero villain hero
black white black white
One zero one zero
blind sight blind sight

need greed need greed
one all one all
poppy weed poppy weed
rise fall rise fall

tools toys
powerful weak
girls boys
listen speak
quiet noise
mighty meek

truth dare truth dare
useless tool hope despair
wise fool wise fool
here there here there

stud bitch stud bitch
bottom top bottom top
warlock witch warlock witch
gangster cop gangster cop
scratch itch scratch itch
poor rich levee ditch

they we they we
Same difference same difference
slave free slave free
real inference real inference

witless witty
genius dope
saintly shitty
bootlicker pope
despair hope
yep nope

polite rude
cunt cock
chick dude
nerd jock
chic screw'd
tree rock
meth'd lewd
keyed locked
within without
whisper shout

bless cursed last first
sweet sour skunk flower
sober drunk flower skunk
most least beauty beast
innocent guilty
level tilty
fresh wilty
skanky chaste slow race
unravel mad sane interlace
pain pleasure damning grace

soft loud poetry prose
humble proud sucks blows


Abrahamic Manic Panic

Flat heads flat world,
sun moon stars twirl
holey fabric of the sky
pain 'n death 'n wonder why

pris'ners work'n gangs
many til they fall
each life impulse hangs
some time kill 'em all

a people nearly broken
need to steal inside
imagined god has spoken
make ol' Abe your guide
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

mystical mythic man-acle
one who never was
creatin' comfortin' creatures
slave all day by night b buzzed
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

Civilization's cradle
coddling infantile faith
Ego Central's ladle
serving self bi savin' face
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

'Abrahamic' random fate
'Manic' for the happy hype
'Panic' underneath the faith
Haven't got the brainy tripe
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

Man b'lows, God above
wailing wall, push 'n shove.
do the due, the dance of death
torture fear Egyptian meth
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

Hey there Jews
Mohammed say
gonna borrow yer guy
'n by the way
hate'chya eye for eye
f'ever ev'ry day
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

Yo rabbi
listen hear
dude Jesus
got our ear
so eat our dust
he ate your spear
we'll keep A-ham
n' u be dam'd
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

Not much has changed
been plus a couple thousand years
them people still the same
short between the ears
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

Not much has changed
live better longer,
smarter, stronger
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

Not much has changed
world ain't flat no more
got a mantle and a core
can sometimes guess what's-in-store
yer reality record's fuckin' poor

No point keepin' score this war
should blow yous out the fuckin' door
yer such a stooopid fuckin' bore
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

Yer god idea image of man
still no unnerstan'
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

Still ya got the One thing right,
but u brains went flight, no fight.
Just one god, that makes sense,
but sepa/rate, that's kinda dense.
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

u really acting natural
while nature u deny
ain't no longer pastoral
u still inventing god replies
stuck before the age of bronze
thick behind the eyes
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

don't mind bein' rude
god god godda insist
ya got problems crude
u this hypothesis

yer model for existence
never always works
yer blind faith persistence
makes ya out ass jerks
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

all that shit you sayin',
all I hear: "squeak squeak".
Talkin' ouchyer
uptight-wrong-rite ass
ever time ya speak-speak
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

preachers say you gotta believe,
come on man - that fuckn naive?
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

otter b put d goddddamn
witless protection progggram
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

dance fast as ya can
spinnin' in reverse
irrational plan
Abraham cursed
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

step out
2 doubt
no sin
b in
truth shout
can win
yer Abrahamic Manic Panic


Friday, January 13, 2012

Rather Be Dead

Just beneath the surface,
animal lurks.
fight/flight chemical works.
No time to heed to read,
keep it in its cage.
Primeval power
panic fear addictive rage.
Serve the primal sentence;
close the book, tear the page.

Won't fly,
cold and empty.
I fight hot,
Blazing hate inferno,
ugly beautiful.
Had enuf of fear,
don't like how it taste.
Learned it,
turned it,
raging toxic waste.

Hot coals, steam,
piston drives the wheel.
Flesh bone sinew,
anger turns to steel.
Piston is a fist,
the wheel is a face.
Piston breaks, bleeds,
wheel disintegrates.
Train to oblivion,
all aboard with distinction.
Human race to suicide,
last stop extinction.

Prison or the morgue,
ain't much in between,
gotta be good'n lucky
ta get away clean.

Don't fuck with me,
live ta breath another day.
When rage takes the wheel,
ain't no other way.
Flip that switch,
no goin' back,
no one home if you attack.

Convince me I'm wrong,
I'll take a little beatin'
Overplay your hand,
it's my fist you'll be eatin'.
Could come right now,
come in a year.
Either way,
ya gonna disappear.

some lizard-brains,
all they understand.
'Less they know you'll kill 'em,
take the food right out yer hand.
Just the way they operate,
way they've been built.
Nature's saddest choices,
disconnected, no guilt.
Til they know you'll end their game,
you'll never be free.
Gotta put a couple down
so the others'll see,
get along and work together with 2b
or not be.

Don't care if you don't like it, see.
I'll never be your slave.
Can't let you fuck with/own me.
Crazy no need brave.
Natural born killer,
put you in your grave.

We from a long line a killers,
go back far enuf.
Ask the other animals,
we got the right stuff.
All come from survivors,
back 4 billion years.
Most of it not pretty,
suffering pain fear.
Gluttons, cheats, killers, liars,
time to get clear.
Too old now to be petty,
gotta hit a different gear.

Blood's in the blood,
so we gotta use these brains.
Way too good at killing now,
sentients insane.
Urge so strong, so many,
hard to stop this train.
Sacrificial dead suffered - got us here.
Did they die in vain?

Cells become cancer, grow wild,
kill the host.
Competition made us great,
now makes us toast.
'Gainst natures brutal anvil,
self hammered into swords.
Gene control within our grasp,
no excuse no more.

Step back and think about it,
give it some time.
Maybe if we're lucky,
situation'll unwind.
I'm an animal-man:
crazy cruel, sanely kind.

It don't matter anyways,
same difference,
all the same.
Our attachements make our failure likely,
also make it seem a shame...
...irony of the game.

Hard to believe
there's no reason or rhyme.
Dragon spittle's fragrant embers,
original sin misremembered,
caught in the amber grist of time.

Dispair-ately joined 2 time and space.
Universal miracles, random eventualities,
ironic satirical, abandoned in dualities,
flippin' coins on cliffs this human race.

the timeless artist plays-creates.
Primordial Pollack
throwing stars and space,
hawking loogies on a face.
conceiving every angle,
The E mc squared interlace.

Infinitesimally huge,
transcendent terrible
spontaneous plan.

I'd rather be dead
than take shit from any man.


We shall not.