Sunday, March 9, 2014

Meatgrinder Life

facetious existence
playing game(s)
it self(s) resistance

putting it/self together
puzzle of a maze
leading itself back 
hazy crazy daze

itself(s) the self it searches/seeks
random thrill recreation
asymptoting oblivion freak(s)

differential extinction infinities
mortal meatgrinder


Omniscient present potent
in n out about n thru

beginning ending being
wtf r u prayin 2

if things r thoughts
me-they-them r you

those/these/thats no other
wtf r u prayin 2

containd restraind disdaind
missn evry fkn clue
only split b in yer brain
u wut u fkn prayin 2

disconnect yer disconnection
know no naught not new knot knew
brothers sisters keepers weepers
u wut u fkn prey on 2
u wut u fkn slayin u
u wut u fkn playin u

wtf u prayin 2