Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Antonymically Correct

(Semenal Lines 4 Binarian Mind's)

Me not me not
Live die live die
cold hot cold hot
laugh cry laugh cry

in out in out
shallow deep
certain doubt
waking sleep
profane devout
too loose to keep

sheeple preacher
pure taint
pupil teacher
is aint

God man god man
Wrong right wrong right
Chaos plan chaos plan
dark light dark light

heaven hell heaven hell
ascend descend
buy sell buy sell
ass-end up-end

ugly pretty ugly pretty
odd even odd even
sadistic pity sadistic pity
know believin' know believin'

merciful damnation
dinghy ark dinghy ark
original imitation
lite dark lite dark

me you me you
yours mine yours mine
win lose win lose
cruel kind cruel kind

hers his hers his
sickness health
aint is aint is
poverty wealth

yes no cum go ebb flow
demanded supplied
friend foe virgin ho
de-manned butch-ified
rich po reaping sow

us them us them
ours theirs ours theirs
brain stem brain stem
dirt-poor billionaires

ideal real-politik
war peace war peace
priv-ate pubelick
hold release hold release

pawn king
infinity zero
right left wing
chickenhawk hero
...ghayter queero
...falafel gyro

vice virtue
take give
many few
die live

less more less more
master bait master bait
peace war peace war
love hate love hate
destroy create
freewilly fate

remember forget
Archangel Spawn
blond brunette
Greenpeace Exon
Palin vette
(egg sperm dumb smart full term stone heart)
ZOMG yawn
Einstein cadet
dusk dawn
hot rage cold sweat
old guard Uternuts nard
sober stoned original clone
Shi Tzu Saint Bernard
cherry boned cherry boned

villain hero villain hero
black white black white
One zero one zero
blind sight blind sight

need greed need greed
one all one all
poppy weed poppy weed
rise fall rise fall

tools toys
powerful weak
girls boys
listen speak
quiet noise
mighty meek

truth dare truth dare
useless tool hope despair
wise fool wise fool
here there here there

stud bitch stud bitch
bottom top bottom top
warlock witch warlock witch
gangster cop gangster cop
scratch itch scratch itch
poor rich levee ditch

they we they we
Same difference same difference
slave free slave free
real inference real inference

witless witty
genius dope
saintly shitty
bootlicker pope
despair hope
yep nope

polite rude
cunt cock
chick dude
nerd jock
chic screw'd
tree rock
meth'd lewd
keyed locked
within without
whisper shout

bless cursed last first
sweet sour skunk flower
sober drunk flower skunk
most least beauty beast
innocent guilty
level tilty
fresh wilty
skanky chaste slow race
unravel mad sane interlace
pain pleasure damning grace

soft loud poetry prose
humble proud sucks blows


Abrahamic Manic Panic

Flat heads flat world,
sun moon stars twirl
holey fabric of the sky
pain 'n death 'n wonder why

pris'ners work'n gangs
many til they fall
each life impulse hangs
some time kill 'em all

a people nearly broken
need to steal inside
imagined god has spoken
make ol' Abe your guide
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

mystical mythic man-acle
one who never was
creatin' comfortin' creatures
slave all day by night b buzzed
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

Civilization's cradle
coddling infantile faith
Ego Central's ladle
serving self bi savin' face
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

'Abrahamic' random fate
'Manic' for the happy hype
'Panic' underneath the faith
Haven't got the brainy tripe
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

Man b'lows, God above
wailing wall, push 'n shove.
do the due, the dance of death
torture fear Egyptian meth
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

Hey there Jews
Mohammed say
gonna borrow yer guy
'n by the way
hate'chya eye for eye
f'ever ev'ry day
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

Yo rabbi
listen hear
dude Jesus
got our ear
so eat our dust
he ate your spear
we'll keep A-ham
n' u be dam'd
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

Not much has changed
been plus a couple thousand years
them people still the same
short between the ears
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

Not much has changed
live better longer,
smarter, stronger
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

Not much has changed
world ain't flat no more
got a mantle and a core
can sometimes guess what's-in-store
yer reality record's fuckin' poor

No point keepin' score this war
should blow yous out the fuckin' door
yer such a stooopid fuckin' bore
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

Yer god idea image of man
still no unnerstan'
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

Still ya got the One thing right,
but u brains went flight, no fight.
Just one god, that makes sense,
but sepa/rate, that's kinda dense.
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

u really acting natural
while nature u deny
ain't no longer pastoral
u still inventing god replies
stuck before the age of bronze
thick behind the eyes
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

don't mind bein' rude
god god godda insist
ya got problems crude
u this hypothesis

yer model for existence
never always works
yer blind faith persistence
makes ya out ass jerks
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

all that shit you sayin',
all I hear: "squeak squeak".
Talkin' ouchyer
uptight-wrong-rite ass
ever time ya speak-speak
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

preachers say you gotta believe,
come on man - that fuckn naive?
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

otter b put d goddddamn
witless protection progggram
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

dance fast as ya can
spinnin' in reverse
irrational plan
Abraham cursed
"Let's do
the Abrahamic

step out
2 doubt
no sin
b in
truth shout
can win
yer Abrahamic Manic Panic


Friday, January 13, 2012

Rather Be Dead

Just beneath the surface,
animal lurks.
fight/flight chemical works.
No time to heed to read,
keep it in its cage.
Primeval power
panic fear addictive rage.
Serve the primal sentence;
close the book, tear the page.

Won't fly,
cold and empty.
I fight hot,
Blazing hate inferno,
ugly beautiful.
Had enuf of fear,
don't like how it taste.
Learned it,
turned it,
raging toxic waste.

Hot coals, steam,
piston drives the wheel.
Flesh bone sinew,
anger turns to steel.
Piston is a fist,
the wheel is a face.
Piston breaks, bleeds,
wheel disintegrates.
Train to oblivion,
all aboard with distinction.
Human race to suicide,
last stop extinction.

Prison or the morgue,
ain't much in between,
gotta be good'n lucky
ta get away clean.

Don't fuck with me,
live ta breath another day.
When rage takes the wheel,
ain't no other way.
Flip that switch,
no goin' back,
no one home if you attack.

Convince me I'm wrong,
I'll take a little beatin'
Overplay your hand,
it's my fist you'll be eatin'.
Could come right now,
come in a year.
Either way,
ya gonna disappear.

some lizard-brains,
all they understand.
'Less they know you'll kill 'em,
take the food right out yer hand.
Just the way they operate,
way they've been built.
Nature's saddest choices,
disconnected, no guilt.
Til they know you'll end their game,
you'll never be free.
Gotta put a couple down
so the others'll see,
get along and work together with 2b
or not be.

Don't care if you don't like it, see.
I'll never be your slave.
Can't let you fuck with/own me.
Crazy no need brave.
Natural born killer,
put you in your grave.

We from a long line a killers,
go back far enuf.
Ask the other animals,
we got the right stuff.
All come from survivors,
back 4 billion years.
Most of it not pretty,
suffering pain fear.
Gluttons, cheats, killers, liars,
time to get clear.
Too old now to be petty,
gotta hit a different gear.

Blood's in the blood,
so we gotta use these brains.
Way too good at killing now,
sentients insane.
Urge so strong, so many,
hard to stop this train.
Sacrificial dead suffered - got us here.
Did they die in vain?

Cells become cancer, grow wild,
kill the host.
Competition made us great,
now makes us toast.
'Gainst natures brutal anvil,
self hammered into swords.
Gene control within our grasp,
no excuse no more.

Step back and think about it,
give it some time.
Maybe if we're lucky,
situation'll unwind.
I'm an animal-man:
crazy cruel, sanely kind.

It don't matter anyways,
same difference,
all the same.
Our attachements make our failure likely,
also make it seem a shame...
...irony of the game.

Hard to believe
there's no reason or rhyme.
Dragon spittle's fragrant embers,
original sin misremembered,
caught in the amber grist of time.

Dispair-ately joined 2 time and space.
Universal miracles, random eventualities,
ironic satirical, abandoned in dualities,
flippin' coins on cliffs this human race.

the timeless artist plays-creates.
Primordial Pollack
throwing stars and space,
hawking loogies on a face.
conceiving every angle,
The E mc squared interlace.

Infinitesimally huge,
transcendent terrible
spontaneous plan.

I'd rather be dead
than take shit from any man.


We shall not.