Friday, June 17, 2011

Inseminator's Day

Don't worry dad, it'll be ok.
On this genetic journey,
we're all stops along the way.

We're the synergy sums
of all who came before,
daughter's and sons
of fish who walked ashore.

Sentient drops in a river of flesh,
flowing through time, flying in space.
Past, present, future enmeshed,
millennia of fathers written on each face.

Who you are, what you do,
echoes through time,
serious, silly too,
fruitless, sublime.

Responsibility passed on
to seek and honor truth.
No-bullshit baton,
mountain of my youth.

Won't bullshit myself,
take bullshit from another,
inherited in every cell,
might've missed my brothers.

Glad you're my dad,
hope you're satisfied
way your little lad
climbs the mountainside.

What I'm trying to say:
Have a happy pop's, pater's,
begetter's, sperm-donator's,
pa's, padre's, sire's, procreator's
daddy's, papa's, my mom inseminator's,
motherfucker's, not that time a masturbator's,
Happy happy Father's Day.