Friday, January 13, 2012

Rather Be Dead

Just beneath the surface,
animal lurks.
fight/flight chemical works.
No time to heed to read,
keep it in its cage.
Primeval power
panic fear addictive rage.
Serve the primal sentence;
close the book, tear the page.

Won't fly,
cold and empty.
I fight hot,
Blazing hate inferno,
ugly beautiful.
Had enuf of fear,
don't like how it taste.
Learned it,
turned it,
raging toxic waste.

Hot coals, steam,
piston drives the wheel.
Flesh bone sinew,
anger turns to steel.
Piston is a fist,
the wheel is a face.
Piston breaks, bleeds,
wheel disintegrates.
Train to oblivion,
all aboard with distinction.
Human race to suicide,
last stop extinction.

Prison or the morgue,
ain't much in between,
gotta be good'n lucky
ta get away clean.

Don't fuck with me,
live ta breath another day.
When rage takes the wheel,
ain't no other way.
Flip that switch,
no goin' back,
no one home if you attack.

Convince me I'm wrong,
I'll take a little beatin'
Overplay your hand,
it's my fist you'll be eatin'.
Could come right now,
come in a year.
Either way,
ya gonna disappear.

some lizard-brains,
all they understand.
'Less they know you'll kill 'em,
take the food right out yer hand.
Just the way they operate,
way they've been built.
Nature's saddest choices,
disconnected, no guilt.
Til they know you'll end their game,
you'll never be free.
Gotta put a couple down
so the others'll see,
get along and work together with 2b
or not be.

Don't care if you don't like it, see.
I'll never be your slave.
Can't let you fuck with/own me.
Crazy no need brave.
Natural born killer,
put you in your grave.

We from a long line a killers,
go back far enuf.
Ask the other animals,
we got the right stuff.
All come from survivors,
back 4 billion years.
Most of it not pretty,
suffering pain fear.
Gluttons, cheats, killers, liars,
time to get clear.
Too old now to be petty,
gotta hit a different gear.

Blood's in the blood,
so we gotta use these brains.
Way too good at killing now,
sentients insane.
Urge so strong, so many,
hard to stop this train.
Sacrificial dead suffered - got us here.
Did they die in vain?

Cells become cancer, grow wild,
kill the host.
Competition made us great,
now makes us toast.
'Gainst natures brutal anvil,
self hammered into swords.
Gene control within our grasp,
no excuse no more.

Step back and think about it,
give it some time.
Maybe if we're lucky,
situation'll unwind.
I'm an animal-man:
crazy cruel, sanely kind.

It don't matter anyways,
same difference,
all the same.
Our attachements make our failure likely,
also make it seem a shame...
...irony of the game.

Hard to believe
there's no reason or rhyme.
Dragon spittle's fragrant embers,
original sin misremembered,
caught in the amber grist of time.

Dispair-ately joined 2 time and space.
Universal miracles, random eventualities,
ironic satirical, abandoned in dualities,
flippin' coins on cliffs this human race.

the timeless artist plays-creates.
Primordial Pollack
throwing stars and space,
hawking loogies on a face.
conceiving every angle,
The E mc squared interlace.

Infinitesimally huge,
transcendent terrible
spontaneous plan.

I'd rather be dead
than take shit from any man.


We shall not.

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