Saturday, February 18, 2012

fuCK faith, FUckface

no not a lispy typo title
yer faith'n fucks our fates
see red yer rites on first recital
fuCK faith, FUckface

throw away all reason
give in to the fear
panic choice early season
time ta put it inya rear

Aint jus' gonna letchya
fuckup dis whole dam place
truth it's gonna getchya
fuCK faith, FUckface

no argue'n no question
just put those blinders on
susceptible suggestion'd
so scared yore minds 'r gone

"no proof required"
rotten at the base
old stale expired
fuCK faith, FUckface

cain't really blame the 'cestors
survivin' hard enuf
mortality wounded festered
every role a snuff

didn' know shit
back in the days
fuck'n deal'd widdit
any witchy ways
know'n now, no shit.
fuCK faith, FUckfayce

pray'n 'way your sin
hide'n god 'way within
ok 2 prey upon your kin
crawl'n back the way u bin

no, proof required
gotta knew clue ace
knowin' hard aquired
fuCK faith, FUckface

desprit ta rapture out
not up fer tryin dyin
pinch yer head, crush yer doubt
"save me lord"
always cryin

yer lackin brainy balls
yer HEad's a nut case
jealous vengeful
fuCK yer faith, FUckface

just a buncha pussies
2 scared 2 dumb 2 think
tablets burnin' bushies
tro' in the kitchen sink

'no proof - required'
whatchyer signs say see
dat ole shit b tired
fuCKy faithy, FUckfacey

won't excuse yer stoopid
believin hate is love
yer flyin baby Cupid
b cryin up above

time now to do better
raise the human race
lay down yer ol' sun-setter
fuCK ya faith, FUckface

truth is all around us
not just shinin' down
tradition ignorants lust
ev'ry ego wears the crown

irrational retire
grow up,
mature with grace
know your self desires
fuCK faith, FUckface

many ways to get there
some circle past, waiting
few straight to it knowhere
way(ding!) masters baiting

everything embrace
no inner/outer space
dividing lines erase
vanish 'ppearances w'out a trace

fuCK yer stupid-hazy
fakey not-me-fazin faith

FUcKKKface ;}


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