Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Maze in Grays

I'm the player I'm the game
a puzzle of a maze
the goner wents time came
perverter of my gaze

lost in others searching
I you slice and dice
dice and slice
heretics loving churching
"that shits fire"
"this is nice"

science philosophy geeks
a-mazed puzzled hiders seek
unveiling convergent integrations
razing ill-usurious differentiation

true believers worship truth
holey pieces
wholly point
da holy way
parts the same:faith uncouth
no separate shades of
shades of

It being me being you
(us we this)*(that they them)
lazy crazy things did/do
2 tear oneself
ape heart again

a maze in grays, how weedy this game
i u we b they...
Every difference all the same
our self
we play


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