Saturday, February 18, 2012

InSiDe OuT

timeless immortal
never born to die

great for you
sucks for me
the others too
hear our plea

we out
let us in
please forgive our sin

know no fear
feel no pain
shed no tears
shits mundane

sex, drugs, rock n roll
lose our little selves
prison prism
pay the toll
peakin' in burns the soul

we out
let us in
please forgive our sin

space time be your bitch
oblivion don't exist
we live 2 die to scratch your itch
play us slay us grist

we out
let us in
please forgive our sin

countless crew this cruel crude ship
some thin sum things something hide
round and round this mobius trip
god godda get ta the other side

flip the coin dog
wag your tailgod
skip the groin fog
snagged yer veil fraud

one many must become
to know the great divide
rock sun pond scum
lonely egos
blinding pride

doggdamn god near 'bout
godda turn yerself
burn yerself
InSiDe OuT

u out u in
please forgive u sin

all the same
sane insane
play the game
death be slain

If ya can't
get in
get the insight
no lose
no win
no faith
no doubt
InSiDe OuT


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