Friday, March 9, 2012

Gnuckle Dragon

whatcha conservin', conservatater?
old days old ways, old brain'd change hater

we evolvin', u b laggin'
past time, slay yer gnuckle dragon

jus jam them digits in the ground
try drag us back jus slow us down

misinformatin' curtain's saggin'
chop it drop it, slay yer gnuckle dragon

fear death pain'n hatin'
big daddy god creatin'

dually xtians, muzzies, jews, pagans
passed prime 2 slay yer gnuckle dragon

we made in his own image, see
(try'n to/not say, looks like me)

egocentric monkey braggin'
outgrow u, slay yer gnuckle dragon

control your women, grow your tribe
hymen hymn'n, heavens bribe

hey seed'n breed'n slavers, no more lady hag'n
pitiless pious cavemen, slay yer gnuckle dragon

sad funny thing, beast inside
make u crazy b'lieve'n any damn lie

ain't god u hear on yer shoulder naggin'
dusty savage echoes, slay yer gnuckle dragon

proud primal instinct lies drive/derive
extinctin' cancer coding, survival overthrive

fight logic flight, yer testosterone b ragin'
horny headed one-eyed sight, slay yer gnuckle dragon

primordial'y program'd sad ironic humor
spongy winning edge over lizard brain tumor

ungodly misbelievers untruths on b gaggin'
think away dead dread despair, slay yer gnuckle dragon

overactive amygdala's make ya all hormonal
kept yer genes safe this long, now ya asynchronal

drunk on fear, fall off the crazy wagon
punk'd volunteer, slay yer gnuckle dragon

put down that oxycontin Rush 'n take some oxytocin
fuck yer irrationaliz'n overreact'n apprehense'n overdose'n

plug yer 'fraidy hole 'n stop rightwing wrongraggin'
blowhard breathin' liar fire, slay yer gnuckle dragon

we tryin' ta get busy 'n yer the head ache
wind'n faith blind'n fact grind'n snaky fake

lord's ridin' serfs, broke wave u flaggin'
trickle down piss trick, slay yer gnuckle dragon

grab u balls see truth, bible koran torah taggin'
truth yer paintin' 'taints, dicks, slay yer gnuckle dragon

u me god we conversatin'
what is
how to
play the game debatin'
yer part's obstinate obstupificatin'
'bout heaven hell'n angels satan

u the dragon u b ridin', ugly dead-head-baggin'
inside insight u b fightin', slay yer gnuckle dragon

some we pullin' from the other side
takes 1 2 no the game enjoy the ride

why keep on hidin' ziggin' zaggin'?
time's truth'll slay yer gnuckle dragon


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