Friday, March 9, 2012


We're animals,
that's the starting place.
This you can't deny,
You're just lying to your face.

Walking in circles
in the forest of your mind.
Can't know where to go
if you're blind to what's behind.

Mere animals,
much like all the rest.
Pissing, shitting, everyone,
put it to the test.

Adrift on cosmic seas
lost among the stars.
Can't know where to be
if you won't know what you are.

Queer animals,
anciently linked.
Greedy fearful gluttons,
shamed by instinct.

Distilled by deadly struggle
survivors rising from our knees
you can't drive the car
if you throw away the keys.

Weird animals,
in sane insane.
blessedly cursed wit'
hypertrophic brains.

Clever, not too smart,
inventing ways to kill.
Pain and suffering arts,
refined since we had gills.

Sheer animals,
intelligence and pride.
take away 2 pounds of sponge,
lizards deep inside.

Confusing our behavior,
fabricating gods and deeevils.
ignorants ignore origins,
preaching goods and eeevils.

Clear animals,
hidden motivations.
Dysfunctionally functioning,
lost in affectations.

In thrall to man manner mannerisms,
Praising protocol.
Egotistic tribal nepotism,
instincts one and all.

Hear animals,
know from whence you came.
Don't be cartoon caricatures,
flat, imprisoned in your frames.

Players who know their instruments
make the sweetest sounds.
maybe we can orchestrate
less painful ways to be skinbound.

Dear animals,
be all you can be.
accept just what you are,
the truth will set you free.


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