Sunday, March 18, 2012

No Me

Yaa you no my name,
said no no no no
rite right up til I came.
Where th'ell gonna go go?
All ya's end up all the same.

Believin' hard in faith'n
freely will-y won't.
Self undetermine fate 'n satan
due undo death undon't.

I'm 'round ev'ry corner
I b creepin' up fast
blind date with a coroner
had ta know ya wouldn't last

so many did ya knew
fathers, mothers, famous, friends
seen their time come due
don't head in sand up 2 yer end

Should/shoulda got to know me.
way 2 know:
u no your self.
Own your understanding:
no get it off the shelf.

Be part of eternal,
absorbed expunged
no in no out.
No o/x; in-turn-all...
in truth be plunged
no faith no doubt.

Reaper spring!!!roll each role,
steer see-er scene scenery
Piling stole'n bleach-ed souls
meaner means means 'me'nery

Life's lives ill usin'
Death's deaths illusion.
Selfish selves confusin'
all All's allusions.

Live to meet me,
2 b/not-b.
Only way 2 see:
not see

Laugh, no need 2 cry;
just spit wee in u "i".
See me be me
he/she {he he ;}
forever/never die.

Die "i",
kill Death.
Suspect - evr'y breath.
Livin' "i" is dead.
Get u out yer head.

Kill my 'self'
kill Death
2b MySelf
I'm Death


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