Sunday, March 18, 2012

Differential Tooled 2 1

You, me
they, we
all one.

Rich ol cracker
African bitch,
all one.

Muslim, Jew
bibler, witch
just unjust,
all one.

River of flesh
running through time,
dust to dust,
all one.

Politician, preacher
lying crying,
rusty pus,
all one.

Forest, trees
differential seize,
differential tools,
differential tease,
differential fools,
differentials see
Tree tree tree tree tree tree tree,
all one.

Be you, lonely only you,
Suffer, die,
wonder why.
Be we, be it, every who,
laugh, cry,
All one.

God is good, God is great.
Man's the child, separate.
Say tool fooled different-iates.
See the tool, don't be a fool,
You, me, God,
all one.

Be self and other,
Kill, starve, hate.
Or one and all,
live and love
ego in its place,
all one.

Truth is hidden
all 'round,
in the air, the ground,
the sight, the sound.
All one.

What is our identity?
Are we me me me me me me me?
Or are you me,
and am I you,
and we are it,
all one.


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