Sunday, March 18, 2012

Studi O'Actor's - The Inside

Just-rented corporeal mud
in this life to be 2b.
Antediluvial spawn,
divergent by degrees.

Hot blooded flashy floods,
flesh-imprisoned feelin' free.
Evicted Aboriginal
out the fuckin' family tree.

My buds boost the meth-thud,
Adler-addled alterego'd jamboree.
Meisner-misered goodly knights,
self-incarcerating me-emcees.

Clift, Monroe, Pacino, Dean,
father, mother, sister, brother.
Newman, Fonda, Hoffman, De Niro'
misconnect-connecting self as other.

Actresses from Beirut.
erotic passion's gold mimers.
Johnny Wadd, Ramses II,
Fuckin' roles of lifetimers.

Actors acting as actors,
lying layers,
selfish self deceptions.
Factors factoring factors,
missing truth in misconceptions.

"As if" illusive personalities,
given surreal scenes,
circum-stance truth,
substitute memories.

Meta-for-us Method-ology
Actor's, studious, shadow.
Metaphysic memories,
micros mimic macro.

Embedded in each life threaded,
locked mystery's skeleton key.
Faint vestigial awareness,
ethereal detainees.

Anima animus animals affecting emotion,
Original Imagination's whispering ocean.
Archetypal memories, indwelling upwelling,
tidal title currents, swelling, compelling.

Born for this role,
in so deep I cannot see.
Addicted to this character,
Strasberg's got nuttin' on me.


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