Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sole Solo Soul Sold

mortal matters: who am I?
egocentric craves extension
bye (every1), bi buy
spirit/soul: save'me' invention

"when my body goes to mold"
despair-ation be controlled
sole solo soul sold

"pleas god please god i will serve
my conscious patterns 2 preserve
don't forget
my memories
please god me god hear my pleas"

"keep me playing me/my role"
be forever holey goal
sole solo soul sold

goin' onces
goin' goin' twice
goodbad blow'n dunces
spew {good god ;} advice

"to be with god: god 2 b tolled"
sole solo soul sold

fear and pray
wish and pay
heaven hellin'
we they sellin'

"live forever never old
or freeze in fire burning cold"
sole solo soul sold

proficient prophets profit shall
racket'ring rabbbid irrationale:
"rest in faith misunderstanding
look no deeper god's demanding"

"wea've words of old"
fore blood and gold
sole solo soul sold

"fell from grace, all b sinners
no know, no-knows...or chicken dinners"
egos disparate by bi buy design
self sepa-rated by bi space buy bye time

"look out, don't look - stay in the fold"
sole solo soul sold

just 1
behind yore curtain
2 see the disconnect connection
to-be-2 to-be-too
misdirect funhouse'd our reflection

many 1's illusion's hold
One's All-usions hidden bold
sole solo soul sold


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